Grilled Hake

Grilled Hake And Mixed Salad

Grilled hake is always a great option to have while you’re on your weight loss journey and need to add some of that omega 3 into your food intake or any other health related goals that you are trying to achieve such as fighting diabetes or wanting to live longer.

This recipe was inspired by my favourite health related magazine once again (Men’s Health) and I couldn’t help but feature it here on eat right online. They always bring their A game when it comes to healthy recipes and inspire me to keep eating right.

Once again, I managed to turn a simple dish into a masterpiece and create a social media friendly post for all you foodies, health nuts and gym rats out there taking good care of your bodies.

Although the original recipe included salmon, I used hake instead simply because I like to add my own little twist and wanted to be a little creative. Either way, I trust that you will like it and maybe tell your friends about it.

It takes less than 30 min to make the dish and contains low calories. So for all the people out there who are not interested in spending too much time in the kitchen preparing your meals. This is a great meal for you.

All you need to create this “masterpiece” are hake fillets from a box, mixed salad that could be purchased or made from scratch and you are good to go.

mixed salad

Not a lot of hard work and sweat required for this one so a lot of the lazy chefs out there have a special treat.

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Grilled Hake And Mixed Salad
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  • 4 Hake fillets
  • 2 cups of mixed salad


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees
  2. Add the hake fillets into the oven and allow to grill for 15-20 min
  3. Once grilled, add the hake to a plate along with the mixed salad
  4. Serve and enjoy