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Clean Eating 101

There are various ways an individual can lose weight, from banting to yo-yo diets. The list is endless but in this article, I would like to discuss clean eating. Clean eating in my opinion is way better than the strict diets that require will power and often make people give up on themselves due to the limitations that it imposes.

The benefits of clean eating include being healthier and leaner, feeling good about yourself and even boosts self esteem due to the anti-oxidents found in the various foods.

Clean eating is all about eating whole foods. I.e foods that don’t get mixed with other ingredients and are organic. No man made interventions get in the way of the foods that you eat. Mother nature is the only person involved in the making of these foods.

The kind of foods that you should include in your daily intake include:


Potatoes, lettuce, brocolli, carrots, spinach etc are the type of foods that you need to include on a regular basis to lose or maintain a healthy weight.


Anything from oranges to grapes to apples to banasnas can be used to replace either the chocolate bar or chocolate cake that you plan on having for desert or as a snack.


Organically grown chickens, cows and sheep make up for great protien intake.


Although I did say mostly mother nature products make up for clean eating but a blender can be excused for this one as long as you use fruits and vegetables in the smoothies that you want to create.

To learn more about clean, the video below will give you a deeper understanding of what clean eating is all about.

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