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Foods That Help Fight Diabetes

Diabetes is known as one of the deadliest silent killers in the world. Due to lack of knowledge, many people fall victim to this disease and I think I think it’s only right for me to play my part and share some info and let you know of the kind of foods out there that will help fight the disease.



Apples contain fibre and various vitamins which are known to combat and even reduce the severity of the deadly disease.



Avocado contains healthy fats such as omega-3 and is colesterol-free which is a good thing if you want to prevent yourself from cotracting chronical illnesses like the Big “D” (Diabetes) and can help ptrvent heart related diseases too.



Cranberries are packed with dietary fibre, vitamin C and antioxidents. Including them some where in your diet will certainly help fight the silent killer.



Oranges have their benefits as described in this article. To add to that list is the ability to fight against the type-2 diabetes.

Sweet Potatoes

Substituting regular potatoes for sweet potatoes can help reduce the amount of carbs that are found in the regular potatoes. They contain complex carbs which don’t affect your insulin intake very much and also taste good and leave you without the guilt of induldging on carbs too.



Fish is a good source of Omega-3 and various fatty acids. A good amount of it should keep you safe from other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and various types of cancers.

fat free milk

Fat-Free Milk

Not only does consuming fat-free milk help you get stronger bones and teeth, it provides you with vitamin D and is also a good source of protien which can help keep your insulin levels at a moderate rate.

I have only touched the surface on this topic, but I’m sure if you include the above mentioned foods in your diet, you will be able to combat the deadly disease and live longer.

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