Gourmet Burger

How To Build A Gourmet Burger

The gourmet burger is one of the most fantastic masterpieces one can try. It is packed with high protein and can be included in your diet if you are very cautious with what you put in your mouth or just enjoy trying new things.

Below are fun and interesting steps that will show how to construct you own gourmet burger.

Step 1 – Select your buns:

There is a range of buns one can choose from when it comes to selecting the perfect buns. They range from sesame seed to portugese to poppy seeds.

Whatever flavour you choose, i’m sure you will enjoy yourself.

Step 2 – Make your burger patty:

Making the patty is the important part of the process, it’s pretty much what the main ingredient is. Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t burn the patty or else the entire burger will be ruined and that’s the last thing you would want.

Step 3 – Fill in the toppings

This step is also quite crucial, it’s what gives the burger that “va-va-voom”. You can choose from a whole variety of veggies like pickles, tomatoes, mushrooms to lettuce and sauces. I would recommend you keep the sauces to a bare minimum because sauces can cause havoc to you belly.

Cheese and avo can also be added as a substitute for sauces.

Step 4 – Enjoy

The final step is my personal favourite. Sometimes I can barely wait until everything is complete before stuffing my face because it’s so tempting. I even get caught up when it comes to the tasting part but fortunately I don’t get carried away so much.

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